Arcadian Workshops | Jane Elms
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Jane Elms:

Jane is a Trainer/Educator/Psychotherapist/Mentor with post-graduate qualifications in Education, Psychotherapy and Counselling. She specialises in strategies to manage behaviour in the workplace, to assist with anxiety and mental health issues and manage stress. She works with individuals and teams to develop happy, healthy and productive working environments. Jane has worked in the Education sector for over 25 years (RMIT and Swinburne Universities, schools and with corporate teams) In her workshops she gives her clients practical tools and encourages emotional wellbeing. Jane believes the power of MINDFULNESS comes with practice and actually making it a part of your life. Jane believes there are so many advantages in terms of health relating to the mind, body and soul if you take time for yourself. She is a warm and friendly facilitator who believes in the amazing advantages of taking time time with the person who is most important in your life-YOU!!!!

Bookings: Art from the Heart