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Arcadian:   An image or idea of life in the countryside that is believed to be perfect.

Beautiful beaches, rolling countryside, historic townscapes… the Bellarine Peninsula has long been a drawcard for creative minds far and wide.

With Wallington’s rolling rural aspect, Queenscliff’s historic architecture, the rugged coastline and passing ships of Point Lonsdale, the area has historically been a hub for artists, and this is only growing.

To tap into this burgeoning creative spirit here on the Bellarine, we have created Arcadian Workshops.

Arcadian Workshops give you an opportunity to experience more than the beautiful landscapes and cultural life of the Bellarine Peninsula, they invite you to explore your own creativity in these inspiring settings.

A range of one day workshops designed to spark or boost your creativity in environments where inspiration is boundless.

Just on dawn, high up, level with the beautiful eucalyptus treetops, there’s a special light that is only here at this time of day. The bird life is amazing, and a wonderful peaceful feeling pervades with the rising of the sun from the east. The most beautiful times of day, daybreak and twilight.

Down at one of the many beautiful beaches nearby I would also hear the sound of the waves, gentle today, as there is not a breath of wind. Other days, the sound of waves thrusting and dumping on the shoreline, a wonderful invigorating feeling.

Nature at its most energising, reaffirming, creative best.


Inside natures sounds still: the birds, the waves, the wind, gentle breezes, howling storms, thunder, and beautiful light, heavy, soaking rain.

Beautiful open fires, music, wine and delicious food.

Beautiful Places for Creative Minds

The workshops are only limited by your imagination!

Writing: getting started, plot, conception of ideas, character development, structure, getting the thing published! podcasts, memoir, crime, scriptwriting.

Art: life drawing, still life, pottery, photography

Gardening:  vegetables, floristry

Language: travelling conversation, customs, culture

Food: natural, holistic, pleasure, enjoyment, sharing